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Made in the UKAll of our mailing bags are designed & made in the UK

Custom Printed Mailing Bags designed to your specification

As the leading supplier of printed mailing bags and boxes in the UK, we offer a range of postal packaging solutions in many styles, each designed uniquely to match your requirements.

Are you currently paying the lowest possible price for your printed mailing bags? We'll work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your packaging without compromising on quality.

Mailing bag and postal box customers choose Printedmailbags.co.uk because we save them money time and time again. 

What kind of mailing bags and boxes do we offer?

The growth of eCommerce has led to an explosion in packages flowing through the UK postage system. Our range of printed mailing bags is constantly growing to meet this rising demand. We're always looking at new eco-friendly materials, exciting colours or printing methods and an ever-increasing range of sizes. We want to ensure that you have the perfect mailing bag for your business, and we're here as you grow to ensure that your packaging matches your needs. From secure printed mailing bags and letter-box mailing boxes to click-and-collect bags with handles - our team will work with you to make ensure both you and your customers love your branded packaging and the price and quality are right where you need them to be.

Get a quote within a few minutes for your custom-printed mailing bag or box. Use our bag builders on each product page or call one of our customer account managers, who will walk you through the process step by step: 01438 742890.

A selection of Printed Mailing Bags

Your printed mailing bags and boxes - your way, uniquely branded packaging

Our printed mailing bags and boxes can help you develop your brand's personality, connecting a positive experience of opening a purchase from your brand with beautiful, bespoke, eye-catching graphics.

Do you regularly send products to your customers in the post, or do you have an omnichannel business?

If you’re an e-commerce, mailorder or omnichannel business, ensuring your packages stand out from the rest can be a great opportunity to grow awareness for your brand. Printed mailing bags provide a promotional tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They are cost-effective and make a great addition to your marketing toolset.

Many businesses start by sending their packages in plain poly mailers or plain boxes, but as you grow we're here to supply mailing bags and boxes featuring your logo or brand identity. Everything you post helps to catch the eye of both your customers and everybody along the parcel's journey.

Creating bespoke bags for your business, is our passion, enabling you to increase your brand visibility with every sale, enhancing the overall experience received by each and every customer.

Every custom mailing bag or mailing box is created uniquely for your business, manufactured specifically for your products, tailored to your designs and colours and available in a number of styles and sizes. Made in the UK from either a flexible polythene material that is weatherproof, waterproof, and tear-resistant or a strong kraft paper that thrives as it flies through the post. Robust, customised postal bags provide protection for your products at every step of the journey to their final destination.

  • Our minimum order is just 500 bags,
  • Your mailing bags are delivered within 7 days 
  • A proven promotional tool around the world
  • Perfect for pure-play online retailers 
  • Available with handles for click-and-collect services
  • Professional polythene mailers consistent with your brand
  • Eco-friendly printed paper mailing bags for a green alternative
  • Tamper-evident secure mailing bags in more robust gauge materials

How we make your printed mailing bags

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Every printed mailing bag can tell a story

Every element of your printed mailing bag tells part of your story, from the colours you choose, the size, your logo. By selecting a branded bespoke mail bag rather than a plain one, you enhance the narrative you share with your customers. Printed mailing bags speak of belief in your brand; they can demonstrate your values, create emotional connections, excite and delight as the recipient opens their purchase; printed packaging is proven to improve the experience of receiving a gift in the post!

Don't miss the opportunity to create intrigue and curiosity as your postage bag catches the eye of everyone involved in the journey and allows your printed packaging to speak for itself.

We know that sustainability is integral to choosing your printed mailing bag for many of you. We have several options available, including paper mailing bags and recycled mailing bags, and all of our printed mailing bags are fully recyclable. Plus, as all of our printed mailing bags are made here in the UK, we have a very low transportation footprint.


The rise of Printed Mailing Bags Bag

The rise of Printed Mailing Bags, a packaging story

Mail has been around for some time. Sending items using a service provided by someone else from one place to another isn’t new; in fact, one of the oldest known surviving pieces of mail is Egyptian, dating way back to 255BC. Persia even had a postal system in Biblical times. However, postal systems like the ones we see today didn’t take shape until the advent of the railway. It didn’t take long for the first mail-order catalogue to spring up in Wales; its founder Pryce Pryce-Jones, grew his small business into a worldwide mail-order business. In just 19 years, it expanded from a small rural customer base to over 100,000 customers globally. I hope he got an excellent price for that mailing list!  

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