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The rise of Printed Mailing Bags, a packaging story from

Posted on 13th May 2021

The rise of Printed Mailing Bags, a packaging story Mail has been around for some time. Sending items using a service provided by someone else from one place to another isn’t new; in ...

Top 5 Printed Mailing Bag Colour Combinations

Top 5 Colour Combinations for Your Printed Mailing Bag

Posted on 7th Jan 2021

Top 5 Printed Mailing Bag Colour Combinations Here at Printed Mail Bags, we work with 1000's of fantastic designs and colours every year, but some colour combinations are more popular ...

Printed Mailing Bags Helping Your Business Shine

Posted on 21st Oct 2019

Printed Mailing Bags for Businesses Looking to Stand Out Promoting your products and services with printed mailing bags allows you to not only improve the experience for each of your custom...

Printed Mailing Bags Ready for Christmas

Posted on 3rd Oct 2019

I know it seems like summer has only just finished, but it won't be five minutes until the clocks change, Halloween decorations come and go and we start to see twinkling lights appearing in ...

Give your business the edge with Printed Mailing Bags

Posted on 28th Jul 2019

Running your own business can result in a never ending to-do list, long days and needing to learn skills that aren’t part of your core business. Here at printedmailbags we recognise ho...

Stand out with Printed Mailing Bags - Don't get lost in the post!

Posted on 18th May 2018

When a customer walks into your shop they are surrounded with your company’s branding and instantly get a feel for what your unique style is. They will often walk out carrying an adver...

Build your brand identity with Printed Mailing Bags

Posted on 2nd Nov 2016

In today’s market, it is imperative to seek every possible advantage to build your brand identity – using printed mailing bags has proven to be a very popular method. Branded ma...

Royal Mail Guidelines

Posted on 20th Jun 2016

Prior to 2013, Royal Mail guidelines set out that parcels were classified on the basis of weight only. Since then parcels are both measured and weighed before being classified. Prices were a...

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